When an Ugly Website Design Hurts Your Eyes

Posted on 05. Oct, 2012 by in Web Design, Web Designer, Website Design

There are a lot of great web designs these days. With a lot of web designers and easy to install themes, we never run out of great designs. But still, some still manage to create web designs that are painful to the eyes.

We feel bad for the web design firms or web designers who did such thing. Website design may not be all about the graphics, but it is a very great factor to consider in designing websites!

We’ve seen a lot of websites that are terribly designed in the course of our career as web designer. We could have listed those. But out of courtesy and mercy, we are not doing it.

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There are often bad days. You know, those web designers failing to see something right. Those days when CSS is not understandable (remember, CSS or Custom StyleSheet makes you tweak colors, sizes and the entire style of a website). But most of the days are not bad.

So how come we still encounter websites that are terribly ugly these days?

Well, we don’t need an expert to assess if a website has awful designs. We just know it. We just know it is terribly bad!

Here’s the thing, bad web designs are bad for businesses. No matter how useful or life-changing the information these websites have, if websites are badly designed, users are going to walk away from these sites. It is not just about the web design itself, it is about the harm these designs are about to bring to these businesses and their consumers.

Websites with slow loading time also are caused by careless and bad designs. It turns-off consumers, and once many of them hit the back button, it sends signals to search engines that your site is not healthy at all.

Websites with too many internal links to click on also makes web designers and webmasters totally oblivious to the users need of MINIMAL design only. Too much clutter causes too much confusion. Too much of everything bad means lesser business. Users will think twice of browsing a badly designed website.

Distracting backgrounds, flash players, an auto play audio or video are terrible too. These might add color but this is not necessarily interactive and engaging.

Keyword stuffing to crush the competition? Yeah right, chances are you might find yourself in the deepest part of Google hell because you will be penalized for stuffing a lot of keywords in your website.

Assuming that a terrible and unsightly web design was made in good faith, well, do we even have valid excuses for this, even if we say we are in good faith?

Start thinking today what a bad designed website means for you and your business. If you are a web designer, start thinking what this means to your career, how it affects you in the long run and the potentials of losing future opportunities.

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