Web Design: How To Create a Perfect Homepage?

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It is time to captivate your audience with a perfect website home page. This is the first thing your audience will see so it is very important to create a lasting first impression. Let us help you with a few things to help you create a stunning impression!

BUS PPL 287 193x300 Web Design: How To Create a Perfect Homepage?

  • Create a presentable design.

There are already a lot of beautiful themes and templates available for sale online. Most of them have been already customized depending on the content management system (CMS) that you will use. Notably, there are a lot of themes for sale and free for WordPress. WordPress is very user-friendly most especially for beginners.

If you are not yet familiar with the HTML and CSS language, then this CMS is very perfect for you to create a web design and a stunning home page.

  • Images and Videos

Images and videos are not just perfect to engage your users but are also perfect for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But remember that images and videos with high resolution may take a lot of time to load depending on one’s internet connection.

You think they’ll be patient to wait until your website loads?

No. They will hit the back button and chances are, they will never be back again to your site. the longer your page loads, the faster your user leaves your site. This is not good because it will send signals to search engine spiders that your site is not healthy at all!

  • Necessary Information

Too much information cause too much confusion! Giving your users a lot of items to read or click, will make them back off from your site.

In creating a perfect web site design, it matters to be minimal. Take Hubspot’s example. On their homepage, you will only see a few texts that are relevant to their business – the most important ones! Place uncomplicated navigation keys. Make your content short and simple. And make sure that you do add the best Call to Action on your web design to engage them more and make them come back to you!

  • Interaction

Place a contact form where it can be easily located so they can throw in their questions to you easily. If you are writing blog entries about your niche or business, then make sure to have all your comment sections open. But please be careful with spam comments. You may place the contact form on the footer of the homepage, or a dedicated page for it.

  • Complicated Web Design

Flash makes it terribly difficult for a web site to use. Remember that while it is great to have a flash video on your website, there are still a lot of computers in the world today that doesn’t have flash players installed. So imagine the pain and complications your users had to endure first before watching that “Most Important Video You Have Never Ever See Before, Ever!”. So find for other ways that can make them view or read that important information on your site. Remember that if you wanted to have a stable presence online, then you have to put your users first before you.

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