Want To Become a Web Designer? Know The Killer Skills

Posted on 05. Oct, 2012 by in Web Design, Web Designer

Many would ask us, what does it take to be a web designer?

You may have dreams of becoming a part of a web design firm or maybe start it as your own business. But before you sound like a fool as if you know EVERYTHING already, consider a few things first before resigning on your current job and jumpship to the magnificent world of web designs.

BUS PPL 62 198x300 Want To Become a Web Designer? Know The Killer Skills

Web design 101! Have at least a basic knowledge about HTML, CSS, PHP, and even JavaScript languages. Language is very, very important! Learn how a website works?

Graphics matter too! Are you good in drawing designs? Matching colors? Using Photoshop or InDesign?

Resources and project management. Track your progress? How much time do you spend on making a simple or complex template? Do you think the pace of your work is worth billing a future client? Increase your speed, but make sure that quality will not be affected.

Chances are you’ll get hired or land a contract if you can deliver on what you promise.

Though these are not required, content writing and SEO will also help you package yourself as an all in one internet expert. You could get more clients, and build up a great portfolio. This will also save your future clients in time, effort and money as you can package your services in one.

But these killer skills are not yet enough. You need a serious amount of patience to bring yourself on top. You need to develop your expertise – until you land a job as a web designer.

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