Defining Your Needs

When you call or email us for a website design project, we will first make sure to fully understand your needs by scheduling online meetings or getting you to answer some questionnaires. We will focus on your needs, requirements, target audience, difficulties, costs and your long term business goals.

You will also help us to figure out what kind of web technology and design we will create for you. By then, you will already know our specific plans and timeline of helping you reach your goals.

Project Management

You will be working with our web design and SEO team. If you wish to provide us of a more detailed project management, you can always do so. Our team is well equipped in terms of planning and coordinating. They also do their best to ask you questions to better clarify the project. You will be given a report to let you know where is the project going and what are the remaining things needed done.

You will have a peace of mind knowing that you are always updated.

Production: Website Design and SEO

You will see our production team designing your website from scratch or from a Content Management System (CMS). We will only use valid XHTML templates to build your pages and posts.

While we are on the process of web design, our Internet Advertising team will also start building your SEO. This would entail studying keywords, content, on page optimization and link building. You will always be informed of your current standing in terms of search engine ranking and traffic. You also have the option of widening your reach with Google Adwords Campaign through a Pay Per Click Advertising


Finally, your website is here! We will test your website and determine any possible loopholes that we can fix. We will also proofread any content and make necessary revisions.

You are ready to launch.

Contact us to know more!