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Posted on 10. Oct, 2012 by in Web Designer, Website Design, Website Design Company

The internet continues to emerge as a big revolution. More and more businesses find more ways to sell and present their products. Marketing has never been this revolutionary as it was before. And people are getting more access to brands.

The internet defies and shakes the order of things, and so is the website design industry.

BUS PPL 89 300x200 Outlook of Website Design

Lots of skilled workers are thinking or attempting to become web designers. It is risky for some, but manpower demands to fill the gap is expected to surge at 30% by the end of 2018. At this point, many have already taken 9-5 jobs for website design companies. There are some of those who are also working as freelance web designers.

These new players are seen to shape and define the future of website design. Because of this, these new and most competent designers are usually able to easily grab the most senior positions. As the industry continues to evolve, techniques are seen to change too. This is very important for most companies to seek and accept those with the latest skills and knowledge.

It is important for web designers like you to have a sufficient amount of portfolio. Background is necessary, as firms may check this before hiring a candidate.

Certifications are also necessary to increase chances to land a job into firms. While bachelor’s degree is often a requirement to land a slot with higher compensation, 2 year courses will sometimes be enough. Skill is more important.

The competition is very tight. Experience is necessary. While it will be seen to make a huge employment impact by the end of the decade, freelancers are trying to get stable jobs will grow bigger and faster every single year.

Web designers in the USA are estimated to make is about $71,005 every year. This is just a median figure. Web design firms with a big portfolio can provide higher salary. Raises are also possible in time.

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  1. Pudge Ortiz

    03. Dec, 2012

    What I know is Web Designers earn an awful lot of money especially in Australia. :) I have to share to you an Infographic that might entertain your thoughts on relocating to that country, click here.
    Unlike India or some other countries like South Africa and Canada, Australia’s web designers’ wages are very high. The average salary is more than $98,000. Great life for tech geniuses, huh. :)

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