Are Freelance Web Designers Crooks?

Posted on 05. Oct, 2012 by in Web Designer, Website Design, Website Design Company

Most freelancers are crooks. You may have encountered some of them, being a freelancer yourself.

Talk is cheap. Their prices are. Freelance web design is a difficult competition. Would you even survive it?

Web designers like them are everywhere. They got all it takes to land a job for a very thin price and a very thick portfolio. 50% paychecks? They can even do lower than that. They can do it, just to make a living. They can do it, just to crush you and their competitors.

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But wars like these shouldn’t be done in arms. You are trying to send them away, but no, they are not going anywhere.

QUIT now?

No. How about putting some value to your services?

Time is gold and even important according to those cliches. They are also chasing your prospect, so you should be ready anytime. Call and follow up or call to ask for a follow up with a client. Better yet, give them a time and date that you would call so they wouldn’t forget you. Leave your contact information like calling cards, electronic o not. Ask politely to repeat the number you gave them.

Call or send an email to confirm the schedule. It won’t just remind them, it will also make them feel that they are important to you. It’s about sincerity, my friend.

But make sure that you don’t appear as aggressive. Just make sure that you are doing it with the right amount of persistence but not annoying.

During follow up, make sure to write down their concerns and objections. List those down. If those cannot be answered ASAP, do not sugarcoat, instead, give them a date that you will get back to their concern. Be true to your promise.

When they ask for RFP, make sure to list only the ones that were discussed during the conversation. Do not ever put items that are not discussed. The review process would take some time as they will compare, but please be patient. Tell them you will call only on the best time they think is fit.

Salesmanship (the professional one) is key to win a lot of clients as a freelance web designer. Follow ups are important, but sincerity matters most. It is your key to beat those crooks no matter how low their prices are.

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